No Credit Check Program

The patented No Credit Check Program benefits the average income earner by utilizing their income and ability to repay, NOT their FICO score. 

550+ Credit Scores Processed

We are able to offer funding options to borrowers with credit scores as low as 550.  On a national average, this helps increase approval rates by as much as 40% over programs that require a 700 or better credit score. 

Multiple Lender Programs Available

You don’t have time to search for the best financing programs for you and your clients.  We do that for you.  We work with multiple lenders to help identify the programs that best fit your needs.

Fast Payment to You

Get paid quickly via a client-issued card (for those with excellent credit) or an ACH deposit made every Friday (for your more credit-challenged clients). Often times, you will have your money before you even perform your services!

No Default APRs

Unlike other lenders, if your client is late by one day on a payment, their interest rate does not default to a new, higher interest rate…some of our competitors charge as high at 29.9%!

Low Monthly Subscription

We offer a low fixed monthly subscription fee; we do not take a percentage of your billings. This means that you get 100% of the amount that you charge for your services.


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Does Your Business Need Working Capital?

We represent multiple lenders who offer Business Financing and Accounts Receivable Factoring. Contact us today!

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Consumer Financing. Redefined. 

86% of Americans are ‘payment buyers’ when purchasing large ticket items, services or big projects. Yet so many businesses aren’t able to offer their clients the kind of financing they need.  At Funding U, we not only provide multiple loan options through our network of national lenders, we welcome your clients with less-than-perfect credit scores.

  • Medical Practices
  • Dental Practices
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Veterinary Practices
  • Legal Services
  • Home Repair and Construction
  • Auto Repair and Body Shops

No matter what your business, if your clients need financing, we can help!


Easy Enrollment

With our online application form, you can quickly sign-up your clients to begin the approval process. All of our national lenders have access to this single application, and will offer 2-4 lending options in as fast as an hour.



Once your merchant application is approved, you will be trained on the client application process, how to access and utilize your online back office panel to manage and track loans.



We offer live support for all of our clients, whether you need to chat with a loan facilitator or have questions about the process.